Pop Blocks

for percussion trio + electronics

Premiere: line upon line
  • Adam Bedell
  • Matthew Teodori
  • Cullen Faulk

Pop Blocks is a short work for percussion trio, electronics and fixed media. The ensemble performs with only wood blocks, with one of the blocks, a wooden agogo, connected to a contact mic. The agogo’s rhythmic scrapes are projected throughout the room — processed and spatialized around the performance space through a quadraphonic speaker setup. The fixed media component adds a poppy and blippy layer to the composition, which is sometimes reminiscent of old radio, but overall cutesy and light.

This work, and my residency at Harvard, were supported in part by the American Australian Association Arts Fund and The Government of Western Australia Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries.



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  • 25/02/2023: line upon line, Paine Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts [Premiere]
  • 09/03/2023: line upon line, CRASHBOX, Austin, Texas
  • 10/03/2023: line upon line, CRASHBOX, Austin, Texas