29/11/22: Stephen de Filippo @ Harvard's ArtLab, as part of Lisa E. Harris' "Recasting the American Dream"

Vocal Practice

My background in voice and choral singing informs my current practice of using a megaphone to amplify and manipulate under-appreciated sounds like sucks, squeaks, and salivic textures. By filtering these sounds through the megaphone, I create novel and intriguing textures that I integrate into contemporary music settings.

This exploration stems from two desires: firstly, to find a unique performative role within ensembles, and secondly, to indulge my penchant for creating unusual mouth sounds.

These sonic explorations take shape in two forms: live performances where I combine vocal manipulation with electronic control (as seen in my work Stone Compression), and short Instagram video pieces showcasing the captured sounds.

Bailey Wantuch & Stephen de Filippo perform Stone Compression
27/7/2022: 78th Composers Conference, Slosberg Music Center, Waltham, MA