for large ensemble

Premiere: Composers Conference Ensemble
  • Conductor: Vimbayi Kaziboni
  • Piccolo: Barry Crawford
  • Oboe: Peggy Pearson
  • Clarinet: Rane Moore
  • Bassoon: Adrian Morejon
  • Horn: Leander Star
  • Trumpet: Sam Jones
  • Trombone: Mike Lormand
  • Percussion: Mike Truesdell
  • Piano: Steve Beck
  • Violin: Jennifer Elowitch, Andrew Tholl, Leah Asher
  • Viola: Louise Schulman
  • Violoncello: Joshua Gordon
  • Double Bass: Greg Chudzik

This iteration of Micropraxis is a relatively short composition for a large ensemble. The piece features a playful and robotic sonic palette created by the ensemble’s execution of short whirs and blips. The combination of electric synthesizer evokes a futuristic atmosphere, while the brass instruments emulate the mechanical hiss of hydraulics, and the ticking percussion contributes a rhythmic precision.

In the first half of the piece, the sounds are intentionally scattered and overlapping, creating a sense of unpredictability. However, as the composition progresses, the ensemble gradually converges, culminating in a powerful reiteration of a singular chord in the second half.



  • 31/07/2022: Composers Conference Ensemble (Vimbayi Kaziboni, cond.), 78th Annual Composers Conference, Slosberg Music Centre, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA [premiere]