contrasted moments

for piccolo, clarinet, percussion & violin

Premiere: Ensemble Recherche
  • Piccolo: Jaume Darbra Fa
  • Clarinet: Shizuyo Oka
  • Percussion: Nick Tolle
  • Violin: Melise Mellinger

This work, presented in two sections, explores contrasting settings for the violin, clarinet, percussion and piccolo quartet. In the opening the clarinet and violin sound together in a raucous kind of dialogue, where the instruments have a similar trajectory, but sound independent. Then, the two join the percussion to create a ticking, rhythmic support, which the piccolo sings and warbles atop.

This work was created with support from the West Australian Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.




  • 9/10/2022: Ensemble Recherche, Paine Hall, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts [Premiere]