a similar voice breaking out

for mixed quartet

An image created by an audience member during the premiere of the work (23/10/2017)
  • Bass Clarinets: Eljo Agenbach & Luis Tasso Santos
  • Viola: Jessica Porter-Langson
  • Percussion: Claire Orman

“a similar voice breaking out” is a chamber work specifically composed for the Tura New Music Totally Huge New Music Festival. The piece explores the interaction between two bass clarinets, performing similar material that grows increasingly agitated.

The composition is divided into time unit cells, which require the instruments to carefully consider their temporal placement in relation to each other. The work offers a sonic experience, where the bass clarinets merge and diverge, creating a captivating narrative of tension and release.



  • 8/06/2016: Tura New Music Totally Huge New Music Festival, Perth Town Hall, Perth, Western Australia, Australia [premiere]