a moment exposed

for mixed quintet

Premiere: Schallfeld Ensemble
  • Conductor: Leonhard Garms
  • Piano: Patrick Skrilecz
  • Violin: Lorenzo Derinni
  • Violoncello: Myriam García Fidalgo
    Double Bass: Margarethe Mairerhofer-Lischka

In “a moment exposed” the violin and clarinet are paired together, performing in a sort of chaotic unity where the two instruments interact, manoeuvre, and replicate each other’s gestures in a raucous opening — acting together, but vocal in insisting on their own instrumental identity. Often, the clarinet sits above the violin’s register, with the violin utilising more of its lower register — the 4th string is also tuned lower to ground the violin further.

Out of the pair’s fnal explosion emerges the rest of the ensemble. The two low strings are in their upper register, and the piano vamps soft chords — acting as a cloud, which sits underneath the interjections of the clarinet and violin. These two slowly simmer down. The clarinet becomes part of the ensemble, but the violin still, to an extent, keeps its separate identity. Then, the violin exposed, for but a moment, introduces a final passage of heightened activity.




  • 15/02/2020: Schallfeld Ensemble, Conrad Prebys Concert Hall, University of California, La Jolla, California, USA [Premiere]